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"Verbmobil: Foundations of
Speech-to-Speech Translation"

Editor: Wolfgang Wahlster

Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Barcelona,
Hong Kong, London, Milan, Paris,
Singapore, Tokyo: Springer, 2000

Series: "Artificial Intelligence"

  • Publication Date: July 31, 2000
  • 679 Pages with 224 Figures and 88 Tables
  • Recommended List Price: DM 129,-
  • ISSN 1431-0066
  • ISBN 3-540-67783-6
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    Table of Contents

    Foreword v

    Acknowledgements vii


    Mobile Speech-to-Speech Translation of Spontaneous Dialogs: An Overview of the Final Verbmobil System. Page 3
    (Word-Version: ww.doc)

    Wolfgang Wahlster

    Facts and Figures about the Verbmobil Project. Page 22
    (Word-Version: Facts.doc)

    Reinhard Karger and Wolfgang Wahlster


    From Speech Input to Augmented Word Lattices

    Multilingual Speech Recognition. Page 33

    Alex Waibel, Hagen Soltau, Tanja Schultz, Thomas Schaaf and Florian Metze


    Robust Recognition of Spontaneous Speech. Page 46

    Udo Haiber, Helmut Mangold, Thilo Pfau, Peter Regel-Brietzmann, Günther Ruske and Volker Schleß


    Fast Search for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition. Page 63

    Stephan Kanthak, Achim Sixtus, Sirko Molau, Ralf Schlüter and Hermann Ney


    Capturing Long Range Correlations Using Log-Linear Language Models. Page 79

    Jochen Peters and Dietrich Klakow


    Data Driven Generation of Pronunciation Dictionaries. Page 95

    Matthias Eichner, Matthias Wolff and Rüdiger Hoffmann


    The Prosody Module. Page 106

    Anton Batliner, Jan Buckow, Heinrich Niemann, Elmar Nöth and Volker Warnke


    The Recognition of Emotion. Page 122

    Anton Batliner, Richard Huber, Heinrich Niemann, Elmar Nöth, Jörg Spilker and Kerstin Fischer


    Processing Self-Corrections in a Speech-to-Speech System. Page 131

    Jörg Spilker, Martin Klarner and Günther Görz

    Lexical and Syntactic Processing

    Integrated Shallow Linguistic Processing. Page 143

    Hans Ulrich Block and Tobias Ruland


    Probabilistic LR-Parsing with Symbolic Postprocessing. Page 147

    Tobias Ruland


    Robust Chunk Parsing for Spontaneous Speech. Page 163

    Erhard W. Hinrichs, Sandra Kübler, Valia Kordoni and Frank H. Müller


    Verbmobil Interface Terms (VITs). Page 183

    Michael Schiehlen, Johan Bos and Michael Dorna


    Semantic Construction. Page 200

    Michael Schiehlen

    Deep Linguistic Analysis with HPSG. Page 217

    Hans Uszkoreit, Dan Flickinger, Walter Kasper and Ivan A. Sag


    HPSG Analysis of German. Page 239

    Stefan Müller and Walter Kasper


    HPSG Analysis of English. Page 255

    Dan Flickinger, Ann Copestake and Ivan A. Sag


    HPSG Analysis of Japanese. Page 265

    Melanie Siegel


    Efficient and Robust Parsing of Word Hypotheses Graphs. Page 281

    Bernd Kiefer, Hans-Ulrich Krieger and Mark-Jan Nederhof


    Speech Lexica and Consistent Multilingual Vocabularies. Page 297

    Dafydd Gibbon and Harald Lüngen


    Semantic Processing

    Combining Analyses From Various Parsers. Page 311

    C.J. Rupp, Jörg Spilker, Martin Klarner and Karsten L. Worm


    Robust Semantic Processing of Spoken Language. Page 322

    Manfred Pinkal, C.J. Rupp and Karsten Worm


    Discourse and Dialog Semantics for Translation. Page 337

    Johan Bos and Julia Heine


    Multilingual Semantic Databases. Page 349

    Walter Kasper


    Dialog Translation

    Semantic-Based Transfer. Page 361

    Martin C. Emele, Michael Dorna, Anke Lüdeling, Heike Zinsmeister, Christian Rohrer


    Statistical Methods for Machine Translation. Page 379

    Stephan Vogel, Franz Josef Och, Christof Tillmann, Sonja Nießen, Hassan Sawaf and Hermann Ney


    Adapting a Large Scale MT System for Spoken Language. Page 396

    Hans Ulrich Block, Stefanie Schachtl and Manfred Gehrke


    Example-Based Incremental Synchronous Interpretation. Page 413

    Hans Ulrich Block


    Example-Based Machine Translation with Templates. Page 420

    Marko Auerswald


    Robust Content Extraction for Translation and Dialog Processing. Page 430

    Norbert Reithinger and Ralf Engel


    Dialog Processing and Context Evaluation

    Modeling Negotiation Dialogs. Page 443

    Jan Alexandersson, Ralf Engel, Michael Kipp, Stephan Koch, Uwe Küssner, Norbert Reithinger and Manfred Stede


    Dialog Processing. Page 454

    Michael Kipp, Jan Alexandersson, Ralf Engel and Norbert Reithinger


    Contextual Disambiguation. Page 468

    Stephan Koch, Uwe Küssner and Manfred Stede


    Language Generation and Speech Synthesis

    The Verbmobil Generation Component VM-GECO. Page 483

    Tilman Becker, Anne Kilger, Patrice Lopez and Peter Poller


    The Application of HPSG-to-TAG Compilation Techniques. Page 499

    Tilman Becker and Patrice Lopez


    Generating Multilingual Dialog Summariesand Minutes. Page 509

    Jan Alexandersson, Peter Poller and Michael Kipp


    Speech Synthesis Using Multilevel Selection and Concatenation of Units from Large Speech Corpora. Page 521

    Karlheinz Stöber, Petra Wagner, Jörg Helbig, Stefanie Köster, David Stall, Matthias Thomae, Jens Blauert, Wolfgang Hess, Rüdiger Hoffmann and Helmut Mangold


    Data Collection and Evaluation

    Verbmobil Data Collection and Annotation. Page 539

    Susanne Burger, Karl Weilhammer, Florian Schiel and Hans G. Tillmann


    The Tübingen Treebanks for Spoken German, English, and Japanese. Page 552

    Erhard W. Hinrichs, Julia Bartels, Yasuhiro Kawata, Valia Kordoni and Heike Telljohann


    Multilingual Verbmobil-Dialogs: Experiments, Data Collection and Data Analysis. Page 577

    Susanne J. Jekat and Walther v. Hahn


    Speech Recognition Performance Assessment. Page 585

    Michael Malenke, Marcus Bäumler and Erwin Paulus


    Speech Synthesis Quality Assessment. Page 594

    Jochen Steffens and Erwin Paulus


    From Off--line Evaluation to On--line Selection. Page 599

    Damir Cavar, Uwe Küssner and Dan Tidhar


    Functional Validation of a Machine Interpretation System: Verbmobil. Page 613

    Lorenzo Tessiore and Walther v. Hahn


    System Architecture and Software Integration

    Verbmobil From a Software Engineering Point of View: System Design and Software Integration. Page 637

    Andreas Klüter, Alassane Ndiaye and Heinz Kirchmann


    From a Stationary Prototype to Telephone Translation Services. Page 661

    Heinz Kirchmann, Alassane Ndiaye and Andreas Klüter


    List of Contributors. Page 673

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